I Want to Retire Early & Go to Rome; Can I?

Hello and welcome to Rouse Finance (the sister site of retirement planning site GCBA), your hub for financial and marketing advice. Today we’ll talk about early retirement and how you can accomplish that for yourself. So the question reads, “Hi Rouse, I’m 56 and would like to retire early and visit Rome. My husband is already retired, but I have my own personal IRA. How can I accomplish this?”


Okay, first things first, this shouldn’t be considered professional advice, read, this is just my educational opinion. For more information on all I’m going to discuss, please speak with a financial or tax professional. With that being said, definitely, there’s an IRS stipulation called 72t, that allows for pulling from your retirement account as long as you do it through 5 substantially equal, periodic payments (also know as SEPP).


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What It Takes to Get Your Business Established Online

Gone are the days of solely taking out a YellowPages ad for your business. Over the last fifteen years, the Internet has stormed its way into the ring and has made itself known as one of the biggest advertising platforms to come around in a very long time. Fads have come and gone, but the importance of establishing yourself online is here to stay.


The first step to start with is your own website, on your own domain, with your own hosting. This means, you own every piece of the puzzle, making you safer when it comes to publishing your content. If you’re a Tempe tattoo artist, you’ll want to register a domain that fits for your brand.

From there, you’ll establish inner pages on your websites for services you provide. For example, a tattoo Phoenix service page, as well as a tattoo Scottsdale, if those are two nearby cities that you work within. Make sure to tailor these to your own area, based on the target audience you’re looking to reach.


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Understanding How Online Stores Work

When it comes to e-commerce, there are many different platforms and realms for companies to market in. Some of the more common options include, eBay, Amazon, and using your own website for all of the processing. When you’re looking for a method to invest in, or even a company for that matter, there are certain factors to take into account.

If the resource is using Amazon as their platform, similar to how Boomer’s resource gives reviews and scores for metal detectors, they’ll use individual pages like the best metal detector review, as well as best metal detectors for beach detecting. then, they’ll redirect and received a commission from Amazon for sold products.


With this setup, the resource receives a commission, based on the product(s) sold and the amount of sales. It starts out smaller and moves up when it comes to the percentage. This also allows the resource to not have to worry about support, emails, shipping, refunds, or order fulfillment. They focus on the reviews and content.


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When to Hold Them & When to Fold Them

This article was put together by Tai Davis. He’s done research on the top 5 best rice cooker reviews and suggests you check them out to order the right product for you. Fuzzy logic rice cooking is one of the best technologies you can use. Check out their rice cooking articles now to learn more, today.

There are many financial terms that get thrown around, most stemming from other areas of life. The term phrase “know when to hold them and when to fold them” speaks mostly to a game called Texas Hold ‘Em, where the idea is to play off of certain cards, while other players do the same. Financially, this metaphorically means, know when to keep and investment, and know when to get rid of one.


Let’s be honest: this can be quite challenging, but it’s necessary when keeping your three wealth investment buckets in mind. You want to have your gimme bucket, the one that builds long-term, your medium-risk bucket, and your high-risk bucket, the one that can yield big wins, but you’re not risking all that much capital.

Take online marketing for example. A company like Front Runner Outfitters (featured on YouTubeSuresh’s Gear Reviews) need to know when to hold on strong to a marketing campaign that’s supporting their Slimline II Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack Kit, or the Toyota FJ Cruiser roof rack product. These are higher ticket items, that are well supported with this type of marketing. However, they also need to know when it’s not working and when to pull the plug.


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Understanding How Inflation Works

Here’s the thingScottsdale, Phoenix & Paradise Valley, Arizona Luxury Homes are all intriguing investments options, but you have to be careful and time the housing market just right. It takes expert research.

One of the most important concepts for a beginning investor is learning about and understanding inflation. Money is always changing hands, this we know, but so are the values of products, money, and commodities.


The reason this is important is because if you simply put your money into an account and don’t touch it for two, three, five, even 10 years, you’re going to have less money at the end of that time period. Why? Inflation.


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What is a 72t Distribution & How Can I Do It?

Okay, now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of the right retirement information, early retirement that is. The 72t process can seem a little complicated, that’s why we’ve embedded a YouTube video on this page, to help describe it:

So, according to this 72t video (substantially equal periodic payments), there are three different IRS approved methods you can discuss with a financial professional that will allow you to pull from your approved IRA account without the 10% penalty. If you plan ahead correctly, it can work out perfectly.


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LinkedIn Spotlight: Phoenix SEO Expert

This blog is built on the WordPress platform. If you’re looking to start your own, here’s a great WordPress tutorial for beginners that will get you started down the right path (install and setup).

Hey, here’s a cool interview we scored today, with Phoenix SEO expert Bradley Barks. He’s been at this SEO marketing thing for over a decade now, and has a lot of interesting experiences to share with us, as well as business lessons.


“Brad, what’s the biggest lesson you can teach us?” – “Well, Rouse, the biggest lesson I can teach you about market change…I mean, honestly, change is seen throughout all of life, no matter where you look, nothing stays the same. I’ve had some big experiences and successes, you could call them, in life and business, but I’ve also realized their transient, the change, adapt and you move on from them.” “It’s not like you can take yacon syrup from FitPal.com and just stay skinny forever, end of story. It takes work, consistent work.”


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